Update Apr 15, 2015: In an update on its Indiegogo campaign page, the Body Dryer team has announced that it will not be bringing the Body Dryer to market despite gathering pledges six times the campaign goal amount. The corporation launched to manufacture the Body Dryer is being shut down and assets sold. Contributors will not receive a full refund, but according to the company they will receive a 100 percent refund for shipping costs, with the remaining money being shared equally. It is estimated this will see contributors refunded about US$45 for each unit pledged towards.

From Dyson’s Airblade to more straight-forward designs, hand dryers are run-of-the-mill these days. Now a team of designers out of the US has turned the idea upside down to create the Body Dryer.

According to Tyler Overk from the Body Dryer Team, the body dryer is designed out of a need to “replace bacteria filled and environmentally harmful bathroom towels.”

The Body Dryer is sturdy enough to support a 325 lb (170 kg) person and is reportedly capable of drying a damp individual in approximately 30 seconds using compressed, ionized air. It has strategically angled vents to provide optimal removal of the water and the air stream can be personalized through different shaped nozzles on the footplate that develop a cylindrical tunnel of air around the user. There's also the option of hot or cold air and a digital scale is built into the unit

The Body Dryer team has already more than doubled its US$50,000 crowd funding goal through Indiegogo. It's anticipated the unit will sell for US$250 should it make it to market.

Product page: Body Dryer

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