Boon's Flo faucet cover offers safety and fun at bathtime

Boon's Flo faucet cover offers...
Boon's Flo multi-functional faucet cover
Boon's Flo multi-functional faucet cover
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Boon's Flo faucet cover
Boon's Flo faucet cover
Boon's Flo multi-functional faucet cover
Boon's Flo multi-functional faucet cover
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January 29, 2008 The design team from Boon Inc. has developed a multi-functional faucet cover which meets a number of bath time needs: it may help prevent injury, has a cascading waterfall that tots will love and delivers bubbles at the touch of a button.

The Flo is made of soft, green material that covers the bath faucet and helps protect little heads from nasty bangs or scratches. It is easy to install, you simply squeeze the top and bottom sections together and fit it over the faucet and as the shower diverter fits through the top opening, you won’t have to remove the diverter when it’s your turn to wash. To remove the Flo from the faucet, you squeeze the front sections together and pull it off.

Once installed, Flo diverts the water into a gentle stream which is very handy for rinsing your child’s hair after it has been washed, but the feature guaranteed to appeal to youngsters is the bubble bath dispenser. For one-touch bubbles, you fill the bubble bath reservoir at the top and the bubbles are released when your child pushes the green button at the front.

The Flo is available at Boon for USD$14.99.

Flo specifications

  • Dimensions: 7 1/4" x 4" x 3"
  • Weight: 4 1/2 oz.
  • Flo is designed to fit a "standard" faucet, with and without a shower diverter knob, may fit other non-standard faucets that are a similar size and shape.
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