Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic ...
Bose QC15 headphones - developed from 30 years of research and testing
Bose QC15 headphones - developed from 30 years of research and testing
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Bose QC15 headphones - developed from 30 years of research and testing
Bose QC15 headphones - developed from 30 years of research and testing

After more than 30 years of continual research into noise reduction technology, Bose has released the QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Canceling headphones. Further engineering advancements in active and passive noise reduction technologies have ensured the QC 15 headphones offer more attenuation of unwanted noise in louder environments, across a wider range of frequencies. Bose has achieved this without compromising the audio quality and comfort of its acclaimed QuietComfort headphone line.

Bose general manager Sean Garrett believes the QC15 headphones offer a combination of benefits unmatched in the industry. “We’ve applied our research in noise reduction using an integrated systems approach – an approach as proprietary as our technologies," he says. "It requires meticulous engineering to ensure all elements of the headphone work together to achieve our very ambitious performance requirements.”

The active component of noise canceling headphones work by generating the appropriate frequencies to cause cancellation of external noise factors. The concept is similar to using a white noise generator to give tinnitus sufferers relief from the constant high pitched “ringing” in their ears.

The QC15 headphones feature a more sophisticated proprietary electronics approach to active noise reduction than previous models. Microphones placed outside and inside the earcup better sense the sound in any given environment and more effectively measure, compare and react to the noise at any given instant to produce an opposing cancellation signal.

New proprietary ear cushioning also provides extra passive attenuation, incorporating a new mechanical design with materials selected specifically for their acoustic dampening properties. Bose engineers have also incorporated a new proprietary acoustic design in the QC15, that is said to overcome a challenge all headphones face – performance variations from user to user, due to head shape and size.

The QC15 headphones also feature active equalization which electronically tunes frequency response, ensuring more accurate audio reproduction. Bose TriPort acoustic headphone structure is also incorporated – a technology featuring small ports in the earcups that increase low frequency output. Deeper bass frequencies are delivered with a natural sound, without increasing headphone size or weight.

The noise canceling feature of the QC15 headphones can be turned on or off with a switch on the right earcup, and a single AAA battery is good for about 35 hours of use. The earcups also rotate to a flat position to easily fit into the newly designed carry case.

The QuietComfort 15 headphones which replace the QuietComfort 2 model. Available now from authorised Bose dealers and Bose retail stores, they have a recommended price of USD$299.00.

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1 comment
David Cusano
Bose makes some great sounding headphones. The only problem is that they are flimsy. Both me and a friend of mine had headphones that broke. Fortunately his were still under the 1 year warrany, mine were over the 1 year and Bose was unwilling to send me a 10 cent piece of plastic to make my $120 headphones work. I won't buy Bose again.