Laptops and mobile phones may have ushered in the age of the road warrior by freeing us from the confines of the office, but young Scottish designer Tyrone Stoddart has gone one step further by designing a kit that transforms a briefcase into office furniture.

Dubbed Boxed, the kit contains various bits and pieces that can be assembled to make a height-adjustable desk, two stools and lamp. Once you've completed your office duties, all the parts can disassembled and placed back into the case for your next portable meeting or transformed into a coffee table and two stools. While the kit is designed for indoor use, we also think this is a great idea (or excuse) for taking the office outdoors.

Made from ash tree timber, Boxed is not only a clever idea for simple furniture use but it is also sustainable. To raise awareness about Chalara (ash dieback), a disease that is currently killing off ash trees, Stoddart includes a small pouch of ash seeds with every Boxed kit. Users can then plant the seeds and give back to nature what was used to make the product.

The Boxed product is yet to make commercial production but your vote could help see it hit the market.

The video below demonstrates how Boxed transforms from briefcase to office furniture.

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