May 5, 2009 Having to seat extra children safely in the back seat of an average-size family car usually entails borrowing additional car seats. Then of course, you have to ensure they are safely fitted and getting three regular-sized car seats across the back seat is a real juggling act – and four is nigh on impossible. The Multimac four-seater child Seat may be just the innovation that puts past difficulties behind you. Following the logic that if you can fit three adults across a back seat, you should be able to fit four children, Multimac has designed a clever car seat solution that converts the back seat of an average-sized car into a safe car seat for up to four babies or children.

To ensure the seat is stable, two tether straps bolt on to the standard lap strap mounting bolts. The front support legs are adjusted so that the seat slides back flush with the car seat, while the support legs rest on the car floor. Simple instructions for removing and fitting are provided and headrests can also be purchased.

Multimac has a standard berth or club berth width, both of which will accommodate a 12-year-old child weighing up to 79 pounds (36 kgs). Young children sit in a cradle, in a rear-facing position, that clips securely into one of the seat positions. Given it can accommodate up to four cradles, it’s works if you're suddenly blessed by twins, triplets or (gulp) quads.

Designed in the United Kingdom and tested under stringent safety tests in both the UK and Sweden, the Multimac car seat's high standard of safety is attributed to its unique energy absorbing design, its makers claim. The seat is constructed from special grade aluminum. A five-point harness incorporates instant height adjustment and contains energy-absorbing chest pads. The adjustable support legs are also constructed to absorb energy, in case of an accident.

The seat is gray but can be trimmed to match your car’s interior. Fabrics include leather, alcantara or a fabric of your choice. A carry handle that slots into the seat makes the task of getting the seat in and out a little easier.

The seat retails for about USD$1,900. A three-seater child seat is available for smaller cars. See Multimac for more information.

Jude Garvey

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