A viewing pod ten times the size of those on the London Eye has been completed for what is claimed will be the world's tallest moving observation attraction. The Brighton i360 is a 162-m (531-ft) tower with a single pod that will accommodate 200 people. It will provide views of 26 miles (42 km) around.

Conceived and designed by Marks Barfield Architects, construction of the i360 began in 2014 and it topped out last year. Once complete, it will allow visitors to see out over the Brighton & Hove area, the English Channel and along the Sussex coastline.

The final glass segment of the viewing pod was fitted last week. The glazing is bespoke, comprising two laminated double-curved sheets glued together, an interlayer, a sealed air gap and a final glass layer. The glass had to be specially cut to size before being fitted to the steel ribs of the pod.

Also known as the British Airways i360, the pod itself is 4.7 m (15.4 ft) high, 18 m (59.1 ft) wide and will rise 138 m (450 ft) up a central tower – said to be the slimmest tall tower ever built. There is both heating and air conditioning, either of which can be used depending on the weather. In addition, the pod has seating for occupants, is fully accessible for wheelchair users, and houses its own bar.

The completion of the pod sees the i360 project move into its final phase. So-called "test flights" are planned in the next 2-5 months, and the attraction is due to open to the public later this year.

The video below is a time-lapse of the pod assembly, and you can see an introduction to the Brighton i360 on its Vimeo channel.

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