Although there are bicycle head- and tail lights that are designed to emit light from the front and sides, most of them just shine straight ahead. Attaching lights to the wheels is one way of increasing side visibility, but not everyone wants to take that approach. The Brightside offers a simpler solution – it's a clip-on side-facing bike light.
The water-resistant Brightside has amber Cree LED bulbs on both sides, and quickly pops in and out of an accompanying nylon clip that is attached to the frame using a rubber O-ring. It can be set to flash in a number of patterns, and is powered by a USB-rechargeable lithium battery – one 3-hour charge should be good for about 20 hours of use.
Production funds are currently being raised for the Brightside on Kickstarter, where a pledge of £30 (about US$45) will get you one – if all goes according to plans.

UPDATE (Dec. 17/15): Although the Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful, Brightside lights can still be purchased from the company website for £35 if "freepost" is typed into the coupon box.

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