Buying furniture usually means you're stuck with it for many years, until it either needs replacing or you can justify the cost of updating it with something newer. One simple way of changing things up is to buy modular furniture that can configured in a number of different ways. If chosen well this kind of purchase can last not only the ravages of time but also adapt to an individual's changing tastes and style. Which is where Build, a modular honeycomb-like furniture system, comes in.

Designed to offer versatility at an affordable price, Build comprises a set of odd-shaped plastic units which can be used and combined in a number of different ways. As well as being able to be used as standalone display case, a single Build unit can also be used as a box, a seat, or a step, while multiple Build units can be combined to form shelving units (both hanging from a wall and free-standing), partitions with built-in storage, and storage boxes (when stacked vertically). The unique shape of the Build modules was chosen to ensure there are flat surfaces available on which to place objects regardless of how the units are pieced together.

Each Build unit is made from ARPRO (expanded polypropylene), a high-performance plastic foam. The company promises this material is "completely toxic-free, emission free, allergy friendly and actually safe enough to eat!" – which isn't something we'd necessarily recommend trying. Build is also 100 percent recyclable, with single units able to be replaced individually.

The material is waterproof and resistant to chemicals and, because it is 95 percent air, extremely lightweight. Despite this, the company says it's also able to withstand an accident or two, with the material being resistant to shocks and strong enough to last for a long time. The Build units are joined together by special clips which hold them together in place. This means there is no need for complicated instructions or even simple tools.

The Build team is running an indiegogo campaign until 16 Aug, with the goal to raise US$100,000. If that goal is met, pledging $99 will get you three Build units, $195 will get you six, and $385 will get you 12. There are higher levels of funding available for small companies, with 72 Build units costing $2,195. All of these prices are slightly lower than the final RRP, and all have an estimated delivery of November 2013.

Build currently exists as CNC-milled prototypes, and the funding raised from the period of pre-ordering will be used to start production on the finished product. The whole process is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The video below shows Build in action and details some of the story behind its creation.

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