The shirt button is so simple, cheap and effective, there's really no reason to change or replace it ... but one designer saw a tad more potential in this ubiquitous piece of daily fashion, adding in a whole new function. Now the shirt button can secure two things at once. With help from an added groove on its side, the Button 2.0 fastens both your shirt and headphone cable.

Your cable remains secure against your chest instead of whipping and swinging around. The Button 2.0 was designed around Apple earbuds but works with any headphone cord that doesn't exceed 2 mm in thickness.

At more than US$3 a pop, the Button 2.0 is either going to jack the price of your average shirt or require you to sew it in on your own. Given that you could just as easily clip or pin your headphone cord in place for free, we don't see many people going the latter route. But it's an option if you need it.

We've seen all kinds of audio-equipped clothing and accessories over the years, so we wouldn't be surprised to see Button 2.0s pop up on clothing lines in the future.

Source: Shapeways via Gizmodo

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