Hong-Kong-based Innotrends has unveiled its Ca-Fi Android 2.3-based infotainment system for in-car use. Tailored for 2-DIN dashboards and running on a 1.2GHz Cortex A8 CPU and 512MB of RAM, Ca-Fi features 6.2-inch 800 x 480 (resistive) touchscreen, a 3G modem to surf the web, GPS to handle in-car navigation apps, Bluetooth support for hands-free calling and 4x45W audio output.

Featuring a custom graphical user interface (GUI), the unit comes with 8GB of built-in storage, music streaming capability, two SD card slots and USB input, DVD playback availability and an FM radio. Ca-Fi can be operated via controls on the steering wheel.

Most new cars these days come with specifically tailored multimedia equipment but some car owners might be tempted by an Android unit, as long as their vehicles' dashboards come equipped with a 2-DIN connection. Here's Innotrends' list of compatible vehicles.

Ca-Fi infotainment system is slated for European launch in Spring 2012 (northern hemisphere), while there's no word on pricing and availability outside Europe at this point (which isn't surprising given that 2-DIN connections are uncommon in the U.S.).

The device will be exhibited during Hong Kong Electronics Fair, October 13-16.

Source: ExtremeTech

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