Cadillac continues to shake its reputation for producing heavy, thirsty, slow cars with a brace of performance cars designed to challenge the best Europe has to offer. The CTS-V and ATS-V both make a good fist of taking things up to the best modern road cars Europe has to offer, but Cadillac has now decided to take the fight to the racetrack with its new ASTV.R that meets FIA GT3 specifications.

Powering the ATS-V.R is the LF4.R, a reworked version of the road-going CTS Vsport's twin-turbo 3.6L V6. Thanks to larger twin BorgWarner turbochargers, a direct, side-exiting exhaust system and larger capacity intercooler, the engine in the ASTV.R produces up to 600 hp (447 kW) at 7,400 rpm and, If unrestricted, the engine's peak torque is pegged at 705 Nm (520 lb.ft). All this power is channeled through a six-speed sequential Xtrac gearbox to a limited-slip differential at the rear.

While a powerful engine is important, if the ATS-V.R can't handle the corners it will be left languishing down the bottom of the GT3 standings. Cadillac claims that, courtesy of a unique rear transaxle and aluminum engine block, the ATS racer features a front/rear weight distribution of 49:51, which is complemented by the car's full aero package.

This carbon fiber aero package is made up of an aggressive rear diffuser, a front splitter, dive planes and rear bumper cover, all of which have been designed to fit FIA-mandated tires and wheels, like the 18-inch BBS wheels and racing tires measuring 315/680 up front and 325/705 at the rear.

According to Cadillac driver Jimmy O'Connell, the brand is hoping for the ATS-V.R to act as a "170 mph (274 km/h) billboard for the next generation of Cadillac's V-series".

The ATS-V.R is set to begin competition in 2015.

Source: Cadillac

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