Cadillac is re-entering the high-end luxury market with the new CT6 sedan. Thanks to its new aluminum-intensive Omega platform, Cadillac is claiming its new flagship weighs less than a BMW 5 Series, despite matching the 7 Series for space and size.

Powering the CT6 will be three different engines, ranging from a four-cylinder turbo motor producing 265 hp (198 kW) to the range-topping twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6, which will produce around 400 hp (298 kW) and 543 Nm of torque. To help keep the CT6 in line with tightening emissions regulations, the turbocharged V6 features cylinder deactivation, something that Cadillac claims is an industry first on a turbocharged V6 motor.

Depending on the car's spec, the CT6 is either rear or all-wheel drive. The active all-wheel drive system features a constantly variable clutch that can infinitely vary power delivery to the front wheels depending on conditions. This all-wheel drive system combines with active rear-wheel steering and magnetic ride control for sharp handling and a smooth, luxurious ride.

Up front, the CT6 uses lightweight multilink suspension, combined with five-link independent rear suspension that takes advantage of multiple outer ball joints and cross braces.

To compete with the German class leaders, Cadillac has packed the CT6's cabin full of technology. As well as a night vision system that uses heat signatures to display people and large animals that may other wise be hidden, the CT6 is fitted with a rear camera mirror to give drivers an unobstructed view of what lies behind them.

The CT6 is also the first Cadillac to be fitted with the Bose Panaray audio system, which is made up of 34 speakers and is claimed to combine Bose's experience in home audio with its growing knowledge in automotive design. A four-zone climate control system, with a dedicated HVAC control center for rear passengers, gives the CT6's passengers the opportunity to customize the heating and airflow to their seats individually.

This focus on rear seat passengers extends to infotainment. 10-inch screens sit behind the driver and passenger seats and retract when they're not in use, while the articulating rear-seat package will allow chauffeur-driven passengers to recline in massaged comfort. Things are pretty good for front-seat passengers too, with the CT6 offering a 10.2-inch CUE touchscreen for control of the car's infotainment system. The vehicle even has wireless phone charging and 4G OnStar connectivity.

As for the car's exterior styling, there's no danger of buyers confusing the CT6 for one of its German counterparts. It carries Cadillac's square-edged corporate styling well, with a big front grille and LED headlamps giving the car a distinctive face.

Cadillac has not released details about pricing for the CT6, nor when orders will commence.

Source: Cadillac

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