In photography, sometimes you want to shoot from the hip and capture the moment as it happens. Other times you want everything in perfect alignment, with straight verticals and flat horizons. This camera cube level can help you keep your shots, well, level.

Most decent tripods come with some sort of spirit level built in to help you set up your photos. Use the camera cube level for those times when you’re not toting you tripod, or when you pull out your Gorillapod or Monsterpod. Of course, you can use the cube level when shooting by hand as well.

The camera cube level mounts to any camera hot shoe and levels your camera on three axes. Simply line up the bubbles for perfectly-aligned compositions. You can even use it while holding the camera sideways. The camera cube level measures one inch (2.5cm) on each side so you can easily stash it in your gear bag.

The camera cube level is available from Photojojo for USD$15.

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