Ever been too slow to capture that perfect photographic moment? Well, with the Camera Waist Block lock – you’ll have instant access to your camera, giving you ample time to make photographic history. Or … you could make like you’re the sheriff in a wild west town and spend all day telling people to “hold it or I’ll shoot!”

Brando’s camera and video waist belt lock allows photographers to place their cameras in the waist position ready for an easy pick-up. The camera can be locked or unlocked in an instant and the safety lock design ensures cameras stay safe. To release the camera, press and lift the camera out of the holster. When you've taken your shot, secure the camera by simply clicking it down into position.

The waist belt has a universal screw mount which makes it suitable for most DC/DV cameras and models with a standard tripod screw size of 1/4"(approx. 5-6 mm). The belt’s dimensions are 104 x 110 x 25mm (4.1 x 4.3 x 1 inches).

The belt is available for US$14 from Brando Workshop.