Canon has revealed its latest digital cinema camera, the Canon EOS C100 Mark 2. Designed for videographers and independent filmmakers, the new offering has a number of key enhancements over its C100 predecessor. It boasts an extended ISO range, Dual Pixel Autofocus as standard, and the viewfinder and monitor have received much-requested upgrades.

At the heart of the C100 Mark 2 is the same 8.3-megapixel Super 35-mm sensor that has proven its capability elsewhere in Canon's Cinema EOS range. It's paired with a DIGIC DV4 image processor which separates the RGB output into three 8-megapixel signals to improve image quality. This also allows moire to be minimized, and video noise to be reduced across the ISO range of 320 to 102,400.

While some are sure to be disappointed that 4K video recording hasn't made an appearance on the spec sheet, the C100 Mark 2 does boast a number of Full HD shooting options. It can record AVCHD or MP4 at up to 1920 x 1080 60p to its dual SD card slots, with options for dual format simultaneous recording. Maximum data rates are 28Mbps for AVCHD and 35Mbps for MP4. There's also uncompressed video output via HDMI for external recording when quality is paramount.

Dual Pixel Autofocus, which was an optional upgrade on the original C100, now comes as standard. This sensor-based phase-detection autofocus allows for smoother continuous focus, and could be particularly useful when shooting with the camera attached to a steadicam or drone, where focus pulling by a single operator isn't an option. Face detection AF also makes an appearance, which is a first for a Cinema EOS camera.

Anyone who used the original C100 will be pleased to know the EVF on the Mark 2 has also seen some upgrade attention. It now measures 0.45-inch, boasts a 1.23-megapixel resolution, and can be tilted 68 degrees to better suit different shooting styles. The rear monitor has also received an upgrade. The new 3.5-inch 1.23 million-pixel OLED display is articulated.

While the detachable handle of the C100 M2 features a stereo microphone and XLR input sockets, there's also a 3.5-mm jack on the main camera body along with a new built-in mono microphone which could come in handy for continuity recording, voice annotations or ambient sound capture.

Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allows for remote browser control as well as the ability to upload content via FTP. There's also the option of using the RC-V100 remote control. Using an EF mount, the new camera is compatible with over 103 Canon EF Series lenses, including STM models with their more video-friendly smooth and silent autofocus.

The Canon EOS C100 Mark II Digital Video Camera will be available from the end of December, when it will set you back US$5,500.

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