Though many of us will be satisfied with the immediate image gratification offered by our smartphone cameras, we can't easily print out snaps and stick them to a fridge door. That's where Polaroid digital instants come in, which feature a built-in mini photo printer. Canon has now nudged its way into the instant party with the Ivy Cliq+ Instant and Ivy Cliq Instant cameras.

Both instant print cameras use Zink adhesive-backed photo paper, and can accommodate up to 10 sheets at a time in either 2x2 or 2x3 format. The Cliq+ is the better of the two offerings from Canon, featuring an optical viewfinder, an 8 megapixel image sensor and the ability to connect to a smartphone running the Mini Print app over Bluetooth.

The app allows users to experiment with filters, photo frames and text before printing out a hard copy to stick on a fridge door or notebook cover. Remote shooting options can also be set up, and snappers can record and use their own on/off and shutter sounds.

There's a microSD car slot for storing snaps for later review, and a mirror out front for framing up selfies, surrounded by an LED light ring. This model is available in white, blue and red.

The Cliq is much the same as the Cliq+ but is built around a 5 megapixel image sensor, doesn't include app support and comes in different color options. It also gets a small selfie mirror beside the lens, and lacks the LED light ring.

The new Ivy Cliq cameras come with a 10 sheet Zink starter pack and go on sale next month for an estimated retail price of US$159.99 for the Cliq+ and $99.99 for the Cliq.

Source: Canon

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