A cardboard record player created as a mail promotion has become a chart-topping success for Vancouver-based sound design company GGRP. The six inch record in a corrugated cardboard mailer sleeve folds into a make-shift, human-powered player which, when turned using a pencil, transmits vibrations through the needle and amplifies via cardboard corrugations.

GGRP (Griffiths, Gibson and Ramsay Productions) engaged Grey Vancouver to conduct a brand identity and direct mail campaign with the brief to showcase GGRP’s creativity and love for sound. In response to the brief they delivered a new website and the cardboard record player.

The player was distributed to creative managers at US and Canadian ad agencies with a recording of a children's story called "A Town that Found its Sound". GGRP was soon inundated with requests for extra copies for creative directors' children.

Could this usher in a new generation of scratchers?