Casa B, by Italian firm Architrend Architecture, is a recently-completed concrete townhouse that's fronted by a glazed facade. In a novel touch that brings to mind Casa Brutale, the home also has a glass-bottomed swimming pool up top.

Casa B (or House B) is located in St. Julian's, Malta, and was built following the demolishing of a house previously located on the site. Structurally, it consists of reinforced concrete.

The interior decor is very minimalist, with the concrete walls, floor, and ceiling softened just slightly with some furniture, wood, and indoor plants. While its glazed front doesn't seem to offer a lot of privacy from the street, blinds are installed.

Visitors enter into the ground floor living area, which includes some seating and a large bookcase. From here, one can look up and see the glass-encased swimming pool above. Elsewhere on the ground floor is a gym, a bathroom, and a bedroom that opens onto a small garden space. There's also a garage and home cinema installed in the basement level.

The second floor has another living room with a sofa and TV, as well as another bathroom. The third and final floor hosts a kitchen and dining area, yet another bathroom, and the swimming pool and terrace. Both stairs and an elevator offer access to each floor.

Casa B features solar panels on its roof, which produce electricity to reduce the home's grid-based electricity usage.

The home was completed earlier this year.

Source: Architrend

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