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Ceramic Decanters inspired by Australian motoring

Ceramic Decanters inspired by Australian motoring
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November 15, 2004 A novel range of limited edition ceramic alcohol decanters in the shape of a motorcycle frame, oil drum and bowser, engine motor and eclectic objects like an eightball are now available from Australian based Ceramic Innovations. The decanters are designed to catch the eye of the discerning Aussie bloke and cosmetically enhance the home or office bar.

The Eclectic Vessels range includes:

The Castrol 44 Gallon drum - a miniature 3 litre replica of the drum typically seen about in mechanics shops and automotive environments. The stand is formed from sheet metal and powder coated, glazed in Castrol green colours and typically decaled. It stands 32cm high x 18cm wide x 18cm deep. The tap is fully functional to dispense your favourite beverage. The Castrol retails for AUD $165 and is exclusively available from

The Golden Bowser holds around 2.3 litres of your favourite port, bourbon, whiskey or any type of alcoholic beverage in an attractive depiction of a circa 1940's Golden Fleece petrol bowser, a significant piece of motoring history in Australia. The Bowser is made from high-fired stoneware, which is fired three times to create a piece of the highest quality and glazed in Golden Fleece yellow with a hand painted Cobalt Blue over the top. The decals are fired to the unit, completing the authentic look. The Golden Fleece Bowser is competed with a chrome front panel, nickel plated fittings and a food grade fully functional rubber hose. Standing 50cm high, 12 cm wide and 9cm deep and priced at AUD$355, the Golden Fleece Bowser will take pride of place in any workshop, bar, office or mans domain.

The Blown V8 Engine holds around 2.8 litres of your favourite port, bourbon, whiskey or any type of alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) beverage in an attractive and accurate ceramic depiction of an Aussie Blown V8. No expense has been spared in producing this totally unique work of art that every Aussie bloke will envy. The V8 block consists of stoneware glazed cobalt blue while the air-intake, blower, rocker covers, welsh plugs, and pulleys have been liberally coated with platinum producing a stunning highly polished chrome effect. The exhausts are hand fabricated from mild steel then electroplated chrome to produce a realistic look. The belt is an original size and is made from locally sourced rubber by Gates Belts. The tap is fully functional and nickel-plated making it ideal for a variety of beverages. The Blown V8 has been modelled on an existing engine built by a high profile local engine builder with an attention to accuracy and detail. The Blown V8 Engine is all Australian and totally hand made, stands an awesome 400mm high x 300mm wide x 250mm deep and retails for AUD$305.00.

The Australian Water Tank. Presented as an alternative to the wooden barrel, it has been crafted to harness 3.5 litres of your favourite beverage, with a high fired stoneware tank and meticulously crafted wooden tower. Cosmetically true, the brass tap and galvanised steel cover finish the ideal decanter for your favourite spirit, fortified wine, chilled water or even olive oil. Actual Height: 37.5cm and priced at AUD$125.00.

The Eight Ball decanter holds approx. 2 litres of your favourite beverage and stands approx 21cm and 17cm wide. Made of stoneware, it's fired three times, with the last firing the hand-sprayed black glaze. The '8' is pewter cast then hand-sprayed white and then wiped presenting the '8' in a relief environment. It also hides the filling aperture. The tap is brass that has been electroplated. All packed in polystyrene foam for shipment at AUD$170.00.

All 'Eclectic Vessels' feature a brass tap, a chemically inert grommet, a ceramic body for the decanter, food grade glazes and hand made wooden or metal stands to complement the shape.

Ceramic Innovations also target the corporate community and businesses which require a premium touch for product launches, Christmas or personalised gift giving. Ceramic Innovations can design each decanter from scratch to capture the spirit or image of the company giving the gift for a unique range of company merchandise. These exclusive designs are numbered to limited runs of 500 and often become highly collectable and appreciate in value.

A licensing agreement with the Australian Grand Prix Corporation since 1996 has seen the annual release of exclusive racing car decanters based on the winning car each year.

To commemorate each event Ceramic Innovations have also releasing a component decanter that will build into a classic Grand Prix motorbike over a six year period. You can start this collection for as little as AUD $58.95 for the Fuel Tank and then build with the components into a fully finished miniature bike that will take pride of place in your bar. All pieces are hand made and the whole collection is limited to only 2000 units.

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