Next to a couple of Swedish backpackers giving you a spanking, the Chaheati All-Season Heated Camping Chair could be the best thing to warm up your buns on a cold night at the camping ground. Packing a coil-free, soft, flexible heating element powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, the collapsible chair is the perfect way to ensure your backside is as warm as your front when sitting around the campfire.

The chair’s heating element, which will heat up in around 10 to 20 seconds, is positioned to produce therapeutic, even heat across the back, lower back, bottom and back of the thighs after a long day hitting the trails. To withstand the rigors of the outdoors, it is fire and water-resistant and is designed to support anyone up to 280 lbs (127 kg).

The one button control offers a choice of four heat settings – the lowest will produce an average temperature of 98.6-100.4°F (37-38°C) for around six hours, while the max setting will have your buns toasty warm at an average temperature of 141.8-145.4°F (61-63°C) for around 1.8 hours.

The Chaheati All-Season Heated Camping Chair is available in a choice of red/black or camo/black and sells for US$89.99 with battery and charger. A 12V car charger is also available for $15, while replacement batteries are priced at $35.

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