Chinese auto maker Chery likes to keep things local. It chose last year's Beijing Auto Show as the place to unveil its original (in more than one sense) Ant concept, and it's taken to Shanghai to show off the iAuto Ant 2.0.

Again, we don't know that much about the Ant 2.0 at this stage, but it still appears to be a two-seater EV which can couple together with other Ants on the road to form linked convoys.

The concept relies on the Ant's ability to detect other Ants nearby, which communicate to compare destinations. Ants heading the same way can form trains of up to ten vehicles, which is a more efficient way to travel which simultaneously makes life easier for drivers.

How Chery 2.0 builds, or materially changes, this concept is not precisely clear, but it appears as if the front section has been redesigned, which suggests a rethinking (and possible simplification) of the mechanics of the coupling.

Also clear from the display model is that Chery has ease of parking in mind, given the vehicle's doors which slide open parallel to the body. Inside are the obligatory smart-device docks for controlling and accessing the Ant's various systems and information.

Clearly, the Ant 2.0 lives up to its concept status, but does it point to a future paradigm of road transportation? Time will tell.

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