Chuck is a flexible shelving unit by Natascha Harra-Frischkorn that can be considered either functional art or artistic furniture, depending on your point of view. The idea behind Chuck is a set of shelves that can be adapted to its owner's changing needs, with the six shelves literally able to be bent and shaped to your whim.

The piece features six sheets of 4 mm-thick wood that are anchored at each end by stainless steel sleeves. Each of the sheets have some give, meaning books and other objects can be placed between them, resulting in organic flowing lines rather than the stock-standard straight shelves we're used to. The result is a practical piece of storage furniture that is also guaranteed to draw the eye.

Chuck appears to be a concept design and not currently for sale. However, anyone who really likes the idea could, with the correct materials and a little D.I.Y. knowledge, create something similar for themselves. The secret is the slot and rod design in the end of the shelves that stop the shelves from sliding out of the stainless steel sleeves and dumping the contents of the shelves on the floor.

The video below shows Chuck in action as it's loaded with objects.

Source: Hafriko via NOTCOT

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