When you're out camping or backpacking, you tend to have a lot of gear and a shortage of storage options. Cinch To Hang offers a simple way to keep your backcountry living space organized that's far more eco-friendly than knocking a nail, screw or hook into a tree to hang things on.

Cinch To Hang wraps around any tree of 4 feet (1.2 m) or less in diameter with its flat strap. The strap cinches down tight and the plastic hook attaches to the strap and provides a place to hang backpacks, jackets, wet clothes, boots and any other gear up to about 50 lb (22.7 kg). You can hang up to four pegs on each strap to hang more gear and weight.

Creator Action Items Inc. calls it the "first outdoor organizer of its kind to honor the trees it uses" and says that it won't even scrape and damage the bark like a rope would.

"In almost 25 years as a California State Park ranger, I probably pulled hundreds of pounds of nails and screws out of trees in my parks' campgrounds," explains retired CA park ranger Miriam Guiney on a testimonial on Cinch To Hang's website. "From tiny finishing nails to old, rusty spikes, the damage and scarring they caused was just awful. I wish we'd had Cinch To Hang all along, and I hope camp stores in every federal, state and local park starts carrying them immediately."

The Cinch To Hang could certainly be useful around the home, where you could use it to hang tools, hoses, clothes and other gear, but it seems most useful for outdoor activities where you lack storage space and want to protect the natural resources you're out enjoying. Action Items lists picnicking, fishing and backyard barbecuing as some potential uses. And weighing 4 oz (113 g) and 4 x 2 x 1 in (10 x 5 x 2.5 cm), its easy to pack and carry.

At US$18.95 for a two-pack, the Cinch To Hang is a little expensive. You could probably put together a similar low-impact hanging system with a couple bucks worth of household items and a couple minutes of time, but it's not so expensive as to be outrageous. If you want a simple solution without meddling around, it seems like a good option.

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