The Citroën 2CV is one of the most widely recognizable cars ever made. While not as well-known, the Doniselli Duomo is likewise a classic in the world of cargo tricycles. Milan-based bicycle designer Luca Agnelli recently decided that the two iconic vehicles belonged together, and created a one-of-a-kind electric-assist trike that combines them.

Called the 2CV Paris, the unique creation consists of the back end of a 1929 Duomo grafted to the front end of a 1980 2CV. Agnelli tells us that the biggest challenge lay in altering the Citroën's nose in such a way that it would fit onto the Doniselli's frame, while still preserving the automobile's original sheet metal.

The rider's pedalling power is augmented by a 36V/250-watt Bafang rear hub motor, which is itself powered by a 36V/10-Ah Panasonic battery pack.

Meanwhile, up front an interior cargo box is accessed by folding the hinged nose forward. Other features include front and rear LED lighting, front drum and rear disc brakes, a 6-speed transmission, the original Citroën front suspension, and a Brooks saddle.

Agnelli is currently considering proposals from several prospective buyers. If you like the idea of pedalling a funny little European car, you might also want to check out the velomobile versions of the Morgan Threewheeler and the Messerschmitt KR200.

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