Peugeot recently transformed its Expert van into a functional, four-wheeled oyster bar. Not to be outdone in the van conversion game, sister company Citroën has created a mobile bike shop out of not just any van, but a classic Type H. That old timer is joined by a similar conversion of Citroën's newest Jumpy van, bringing old and new, two wheels and four, to the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, UK.

Unlike something like the Mercedes Metris Toolbox, Citroën's concept vans are more about style than any intensive screw-twisting labor. The automaker teamed with French sportswear company Le Coq Sportif in giving each van a splash of French colors, creating a vibrant motif of blue, white and red. Each van wears its own "Citroën X le coq sportif" and "70th anniversary" badges, the latter in recognition of the Type H's upcoming birthday, as the van first launched in 1948.

Citroën partnered with Le Coq Sportif on both builds; the Jumpy-based version is pictured here

The Type H is clearly the highlight, featuring a flip-up side panel that opens up a shop interior dressed in light-colored wood. Bicycle parts hang from the opposite wall, highlighting the velo-inspired design. The seats wear chocolate-colored leather, adding to the warm, natural look of the design.

The Jumpy carries two bikes on its roof rack. Inside, it plays a fittingly modern counterpart to the nostalgic Type H, wearing black woodwork with white leather, and blue, white and red topstitching. Citroën says it's a mobile bike shop, too, but its photos don't show the layout inside.

Citroën shows its Type H bicycle workshop van at the 2017 Commercial Vehicle Show

The two vehicles celebrate Citroën's light commercial vehicle history at the Commercial Vehicle Show, which runs from April 25 to 27.

Source: Citroën

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