Bike helmets take up a lot of room in a bag, which is why we've already seen ones that can be folded like an accordion, a taco, or an armadillo. Closca Design's Fuga, however, takes yet another approach – it telescopes down from the top.

When it's on your head, the Fuga looks sort of like a cross between a jockey helmet and those hats worn by the 80s band Devo. Once you take it off, though, its three concentric articulated rings can be pushed down to nest inside one another. There's no word on exactly how that collapsing process is initiated, although one would assume that a button has to be pressed first, or something.

To that end, the helmet reportedly does meet safety standards for the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. As an added benefit, the spaces between the rings also act as cooling vents, allowing air to pass through as you're riding.

The Fuga is currently available for pre-order in black or white, priced at €72.00 (about US$78).

Source: Closca via Technabob

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