Coleman Multi-Tool Lighter combines two gadgets in one

Coleman Multi-Tool Lighter com...
Coleman's new double-duty gadget
Coleman's new double-duty gadget
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Coleman's new double-duty gadget
Coleman's new double-duty gadget

If there are a couple of things that serious campers are likely to have on them at all times, it's a multi-tool and a lighter. Coleman has therefore done the logical thing, and combined those two items to form its new Multi-Tool Lighter.

The lighter portion of the device consists of a refillable weather-proof torch, while the multi-tool section includes a stainless steel knife, can opener, saw and file. Additionally, a rubberized grip should help keep it in users' hands.

Pricing information hasn't been provided, although various sources are listing figures ranging from US$13 to $24. Potential buyers might also want to check out the $13 to $15 LighterBro – which is a steel multi-tool sleeve for existing Bic lighters – or the Spark Multi-Tool Lighter.

Source: Coleman

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