With the release of its Intense PC back in March, Israel's CompuLab proved yet again that you don't have to sacrifice performance for size when opting for a fanless mini-PC. The company has further strengthened that position by becoming the first to market a low power, small form factor computer featuring Intel's new third generation Core i7 processor.

CompuLab has been designing and manufacturing embedded computing solutions since 1992 and released its first miniature fanless PC in 2007. Benefiting from low power draw and quiet operation while offering big system performance in a form factor that can be squeezed into very tight spaces, the fit-PC line has since grown to offer custom functionality and I/O modularity courtesy of the Function And Connectivity Extension (FACE) modules introduced in last year's fit-PC3 system.

Several FACE modules have been designed by CompuLab to extend functionality as and when needed, including one that offers more Gigabit Ethernet ports and another that makes another two mini-PCIe slots available. Taking the form of an internal extension board with a sheet-metal panel to the front, FACE module specs and reference designs have been published to allow for third party design of custom boards for seamless integration into mini-PCs.

Already a powerful performer, the Intense PC has now been treated to a third generation Intel Core i7-3517UE processor running at 1.7 GHz. Based on Intel's Ivy Bridge 22-nm architecture, and featuring integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics, the dual-core processor can be ramped up to 2.8 GHz with Turbo Boost technology to meet the high workload demands of today's industrial PC users. The mini-PC is also available with a second gen Intel Core i3-2340UE processor running at 1.3G Hz with integrated HD 3000 graphics, an Intel Celeron 847E or an Intel Celeron 827E.

Elsewhere, the Intense PC is the same as the model announced earlier in the year, with up to 16 GB of DDR3 system memory over two SO-DIMM slots, dual-head high definition displays, 7.1 surround sound digital audio in/out (S/PDIF), dual Gigabit Ethernet, two USB 3.0 ports and up to six USB 2.0 ports, dual eSATA, two mini-PCIe sockets, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi with two antennas, Bluetooth 3.0 and even an RS232 serial port.

The new model is available immediately, with a barebone third gen Core i7 version (no RAM or HDD) costing US$836 and one with 8GB of system memory and a 500 GB hard drive (running on Linux) priced at $999. Other configurations are available, with U.S. and Canadian orders shipped from the company's office in Florida.

Source: Intense PC

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