Back in October, Cree released an improved version of its LED bulb, revamping its cooling system while hitting an affordable price point. The company’s latest effort continues the trend, adding in smart home functionality while keeping the price down and the energy efficiency high.

Like its lower-tech sibling, the Connected Cree LED Bulb features durable, shatter-proof construction. It’s compatible with Wink- and ZigBee-certified hubs, allowing users to control and schedule the bulb, including its dimming abilities, from both iOS and Android devices. Though the company isn’t ready to go into specifics, it does plan to officially support other hubs in future, as well as key platforms such as Apple’s HomeKit.

The product features the same 4Flow Filament Design cooling that was introduced in the non-smart version of the product. The tech pulls cool air through slots at the base and lets warm air rise out the top, eliminating the need for a heat sink and allowing the company to lower the price of the bulb.

While the non-smart version of the device is offered in several configurations, the Connected Cree LED Bulb is launching in just one. Specifically, a 60-watt option, putting out 815 lumens in a soft white (2,700K) color temperature.

According to the company, the bulb uses 81 percent less energy than its incandescent equivalent, and should be good for more than 22 years based on three hours use a day. It comes with a three-year warranty.

The Connected Cree LED Bulb will be available for purchase from Home Depot later this month for US$14.97.

Source: Cree

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