A unique Bed and Breakfast in Majorca, Spain offers guests the opportunity to stay in a modern apartment that has been built from a series of shipping container modules. Named Container House, the home features a modern open planned living area, complete with rooftop bedroom module and an outdoor deck with swimming pool and barbecue area.

In recent times shipping container conversions has become a popular choice for creating inexpensive and sustainable homes, and the Container House lives up to this trend. Despite the home’s minimal floor plan, the accommodation is by no means lacking in space, sunlight or amenities. The home has been stylishly decorated throughout, while the ceilings are the only evidence of its shipping container structure.

The home features designer furnishings, wooden floorboards, floor-to-ceiling windows, space saving spiral staircases and an internal private Japanese garden which doubles as a light shaft, allowing natural light to filter through the central part of the home. The fully equipped kitchen adjoins the adjacent living and dining areas and also opens out to the outdoor courtyard.

The Container House is available to tourists as a unique accommodation solution in Majorca, located just ten minutes from the historic center of Palma. The apartment can be booked online, with prices starting at €85 (about US$110) per night.

Source: Airbnb via Homeinabox

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