Continental is best known for its tires, but its latest product could help to significantly improve the handling of the family sedan when it is shown for the first time at Frankfurt Motor Show next month. It's a new fixed-type brake caliper for passenger cars, and in comparison to the fist-caliper brakes widely used at present, the new design saves around 1.5 kg per wheel - a large lump of unsprung weight that makes the suspension's job much harder than it need be.

Yes, fixed calipers have a bad reputation for brake squeal, but Continental claims it has overcome the problem using a new aluminum monobloc brake caliper that's "fundamentally much more robust in terms of brake squeal."

The new 4MF fixed-type caliper brake has (four pistons in a monobloc fixed-caliper housing) and reduced pad-disc clearance compared to fist-calipers, resulting in extreme responsiveness and a precise pedal feel according to Continental.

The company the caliper could be further developed for the high-performance segment.