In cities where ever-growing populations need to be squeezed into the existing urban sprawl, living space is at a premium. This means more and more people are seeking (mainly out of necessity) dual-purpose furniture that saves space by transforming to fulfill different needs at different times. The aptly-named Convertible Sofa from Julia Kononenko is the latest attempt to fill this emerging need.

The Convertible Sofa is a piece of furniture than transforms from a sofa into a dining table and six chairs. In its sofa form, it features a wooden casing with multi-colored cushions forming the back and underside. In its table and chairs form, the cushions become stools, and the wooden base opens out to form the tabletop.

Kononenko told us that a "prototype is being tested at the factory" with plans for commercial availability in the future. Any questions pertaining to the design – specifically, how sturdy the back of the sofa is and how the bottoms of the stools are stored within the sofa – will be answered by "photos of the first serial sample." Until then we'll just have to use our imagination.

The Convertible Sofa is the latest in a line of transformable furniture designed to serve multiple functions that has crossed our desks in recent months. Story added a workstation to the back of a sofa bed, LLSTOL transforms from an armchair into a coffee table, and Sensei features two sturdy chairs that convert into a table.

Source: Behance via Designboom

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