Coolpeds hits the street with stylish $500 e-bike

Coolpeds hits the street with stylish $500 e-bike
Coolpeds combines simple, traditional style with a modern electric drive
Coolpeds combines simple, traditional style with a modern electric drive
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Coolpeds hopes to get the iBike to market for under $1,000
Coolpeds hopes to get the iBike to market for under $1,000
Coolpeds combines simple, traditional style with a modern electric drive
Coolpeds combines simple, traditional style with a modern electric drive
The iBike relies on a 350 W front hub motor
The iBike relies on a 350 W front hub motor
Leather spring saddle, LCD computer and leather-look battery bag
Leather spring saddle, LCD computer and leather-look battery bag
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The latest electric bikes are all kinds of cool and innovative, but one thing they're generally not is cheap, rarely dipping below US$1,000. Coolpeds believes that the world needs a cheaper e-bike, one that doesn't skimp on style or lightweight design. Its iBike has a clean, retro-inspired look, weighs under 30 lb (13.6 kg), and a crowd-funding project tag below US$500. Is this the e-bike you've been waiting for?

For half a second, the iBike reminded us a little of the Velocipede Fogliaverde e-bike we recently covered. Both have a leather spring saddle, leather grips and bike bags. Both are also quite lightweight. The similarities end there, though, as Coolpeds has targeted a mix of classic style and affordability while Velocipede Fogliaverde has gone all in on detailed throwback design ... no expense spared.

The iBike is powered by a 350 W front hub motor. The accompanying 36 V lithium-ion battery (which should be 12 Ah, though Coolpeds hasn't finalized that spec) rides in a leather-look bag hanging from the top tube. This solution creates much more of a natural traditional-bicycle look than a bulged out frame or externally mounted battery and we're surprised we don't see it more often.

The iBike relies on a 350 W front hub motor
The iBike relies on a 350 W front hub motor

The iBike offers between 30 to 50 miles (48 to 80 km) of estimated pedal-assist range and between 20 to 30 miles (32 to 48 km) of full-throttle electric cruising. Its top speed is 20 mph for full-electric and 30 mph for pedal assist, and riders can cycle through five power-assist levels with the handlebar-mounted computer, which also shows things like battery level and distance traveled. The bike has a single-speed drivetrain, 26-in wheels, a front LED light and a kickstand.

According to Coolpeds, the steel iBike moves the scales only so far as 29 lb (13.2 kg), putting it among the lightest traditional-framed e-bikes we've covered, along with the Freygeist and Maxwell EP0.

While its look and weight are certainly selling points, the factor that really makes the iBike pop out is how much (or how little) it will cost you. Indiegogo fundraiser pledges start at $468. Shipping is listed at $188 for the US and $239 for international, and Coolpeds hopes to get the first bikes out in September.

Indiegogo pricing, of course, comes with the risks inherent in crowdfunding, but even the estimated retail pricing slides in below the four-figure mark at $799 to $999. If Coolpeds can get it to market within that range, we have a feeling a lot of folks will be riding around the city on iBikes.

Sources: Coolpeds, Indiegogo

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Paul Anthony
Now add some gears and this will be a big seller!
Keith Reeder
What a vile thing. Is anyone with testes going to ride this tragically, wilfully hipster-magnet pile of tubing? Great for being seen cruising from coffee shop to coffee shop, I suppose... "Is this the e-bike you've been waiting for?" NO.
This, or maybe even better, a kit of the essential e-bike components is where we need to get to. I would be happy to see a component kit in the 3 to 5$ hundred range. This is a great looking bike but I would still rather remodel one or more of the bikes I already own.
This isn't new.... front replaceable center wheel/hub motors existed for years probably even under $200 place it onto almost any bike.
The battery bag is retro western but can easily be removed, wonder about how secure it can be, suppose you'll need to take it off and charge it anyway .
Strange looking bike. Very short top tube. Touring front half. Racing rear? Wheels look mismatched. Rims? Brooks like multi-sprung seat. Chopper handle bars.
Most excellent, guys. Kudos for keeping the price down for a minimalist ebike. The price point they have is about what it would have cost me to make mine if I had used the LIFEPO4 option. Instead, I chose the cheaper (and waaay too much heavier) lead acid option. Well, live and learn.
I agree that it looks weird. What is that, a 27.5 front/26" rear combo?
I have a feeling they'll sell 10k, if not more, of these in their first couple months. That price for shipping really hurts. It's a 40% markup from the original cost.
I hope they add a front disc brake, front suspension, and same-size wheel options soon. (hint, hint, Coolpeds) Otherwise, KUDOS!
Looks awfully British to me and terribly uncomfortable to ride. I'd mod it to toss the seat and bars, then extend the crank 6" forward while sloping the seat tube back and adding swept bars ala an Electra Townie to achieve the VERY comfy ride of the "lowboy," flatfoot style. A 1-speed with motor is OK, but won't take any big hills ... you be walking unless that one speed is a mighty low one. $500 would be a hard price point to meet since just buying a motorized wheel plus battery pack and electronics on E-Bay or Amazon costs about $400. With a lowboy you need a VERY plush seat since ALL your weight is on it and not on the bars or pedals as on a standard bike. No more sore shoulders or hands or feet, but be ready for a sore butt unless you spend big on that seat. With that you will have a very pleasant ride indeed!