While it's nice to have a smartphone with glass that won't break when jabbed or flexed, what most of us really need is glass that can survive being dropped. Corning's just-announced Gorilla Glass 4 is claimed to excel at just that.

According to Corning, it developed the glass using new drop-test methods that were "based on thousands of hours analyzing cover glass that had broken in the field or laboratory." The glass is manufactured using the company's fusion draw process, which is claimed to maintain thinness, durability and clarity, while improving drop performance.

When dropped face-down onto concrete- and asphalt-like surfaces from a height of one meter (3.3 ft), sheets of Gorilla Glass 4 reportedly survived 80 percent of the time. By contrast, commonly-used soda-lime glass broke on almost every drop.

More information is available in the video below.

Source: Corning