To get the best from a gaming mouse, some peripherals require users to spend time before each session adjusting parameters in software running on the gaming rig. Cougar has installed a small LCD display on its Surpassion mouse that allows gamers to adjust key settings on the mouse itself.

Gamers looking to take control from the get go or switch it up mid-game will need to flip the Surpassion mouse over and hit the dedicated adjustment buttons to make key parameter changes, which are displayed on the two-line LCD screen under the company branding.

This will allow gamers to tweak sensor resolution from 50 to 7,200 DPI in intervals of 50 or select one of six presets for quick-fire changes. And custom adjustments can be stored in the peripheral's onboard memory for later recall.

Users can also set lift-off distance to low or high – to define the height where the sensor will stop tracking – and enable or disable angle snapping – which can smooth out jerky straight line movements when engaged but may do so at the cost of accurate in-game aiming. Polling rate is set at 1,000 Hz by default, but this can be tuned down to three other levels if required.

Elsewhere, the overall design has been developed to optimum first-person-shooter and multiplayer-online-battle-arena gaming. Adaptable palm grip and rubber flanks feature, along with split trigger buttons with finger grooves for faster mousing and improved ergonomic comfort. The buttons are designed to last, too, with Omron switches good for 50 million clicks.

The Surpassion rocks Pixart's PMW3330 optical sensor, which Cougar reckons should guarantee accurate tracking. The Windows cabled gaming mouse is capable of up to 150 inches per second tracking speed and maximum acceleration of 30 G, too. And, two zone multi-color backlighting is available via a dedicated button, for dialing in 11 single-color options or two multi-color light shows.

Cougar's new "FPS legend" carries a suggested retail price of US$59.90, but can currently be had on Amazon for $20 less.

Product page: Cougar Surpassion

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