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CSR's MusiCore1 combines audio processor and Bluetooth on a single chip

CSR's MusiCore1 combines audio...
CSR has announced MusiCore1
CSR has announced MusiCore1
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CSR has announced MusiCore1
CSR has announced MusiCore1

March 30, 2008 - CSR has launched MusiCore1, the first fully featured single-chip for mobile phones that includes both a stereo audio processor and Bluetooth capabilities – saving 75% of the cost of an audio processor, and 36mm squared of space. MusiCore1 allows 100 hours of music playback, and can decode MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA and SBC files.

By combining an audio processor with Bluetooth, the MusiCore1 significantly reduces the bill of materials, and increases the efficiency and battery life of the phone by removing pressure from the phone CPU. The efficiency of CSR’s mature DSP architecture significantly improves processing audio files: 5.25mW for an MP3 file, compared to the 80mW consumed by a phone’s CPU for the same decoding. The CPU can remain asleep when MusiCore1 is handling music files.

The chip is based on the Kalimba 64MIPS Digital Signal Processor, and according to CSR offers comparable audio quality to standalone MP3 players, with a signal-to-noise ratio of 95dB and 30dB of dynamic background noise reduction. It supports v2.1 + EDR Bluetooth, and the FastStream low latency (40ms) technology ensures there are no lip synch or time delay issues when a phone is used for gaming or watching videos while connected to Bluetooth headphones.

“End-users are demanding MP3 as a function in phones but currently not using it because decoding MP3 files consumes too much power.” Commented Matthew Philips, Senior Vice President of CSR’s Mobile Handset Connectivity strategic business unit, “MusiCore1 addresses this by presenting low power but high quality stereo audio processing to give 100 hours of music playback, high quality voice enhancements and added Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The quality and playback time make a MusiCore1-based music phone a much richer experience for the end user.”

Samples of the 3.8 x 4.8mm CSP or BGA packages are available for handset makers now, and volume production is scheduled to begin in September this year.

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