Daymak Inc. has previously brought us some interesting innovations in the world of electric two-wheelers, including the world's first wirelessly-controlled e-bike, and the Beast off-road solar-powered scooter. Now, the Toronto-based company is set to release its Daymak Drive System (DDS) – it's an e-bike conversion kit, that's powered by the sun.

The main DDS component is a wheel equipped with a 250-watt motor and a 36-volt/12-Ah lithium-polymer battery – both located in its hub – that replaces a conventional bike's rear wheel. Its hub also incorporates a series of solar panels, which are protected by a clear plastic covering.

The idea is that as long as the bike is parked or in motion while out in the daylight, even if it's cloudy, those panels will provide a continuous trickle charge to the battery. According to the Daymak rep we spoke to at Interbike, every hour of exposure to daylight should result in an average of one extra kilometer's worth (0.6 miles) of battery power.

Things like the level of motor assistance are adjusted via the other part of the system, the handlebar-mounted controller. It communicates with the motor wirelessly, and has its own solar panels for charging its integrated battery. That said, both it and the motor's battery can also be charged using mains power, via an included charger.

DDS should be available as of next year, in 26- and 28-inch wheel sizes set up for disc or V-pull brakes, starting at US$699. It reportedly takes less than five minutes to swap onto an existing bike, although if you'd prefer not to do any swapping, a complete DDS-dedicated bike is also coming.

Source: Daymak

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