2 Drones, 1 price: Elevate your holidays with this ultimate drone bundle

2 Drones, 1 price: Elevate your holidays with this ultimate drone bundle
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TL;DR: With altitude hold mode, 6-axis gyroscope for stable flight, Wi-Fi connectivity, and 4-channel controls, the Ninja Dragon Phantom K PRO + Alpha Z Pro drones ensure an enjoyable and user-friendly experience. Get both for only $159.97 (reg. $369.99).

This year, add some excitement to your holiday festivities with two exceptional drones: the Ninja Dragon Phantom K PRO and the Alpha Z Pro. They are packed with features that cater to both novice and experienced pilots.

As the holiday season approaches, it's time to embrace the spirit of gift-giving and celebration. One trend that's been flying high in recent years is the popularity of drones. These versatile gadgets have taken the world by storm, becoming more than just a tech enthusiast's dream offering a unique way to capture special moments and explore the world from a bird's-eye view. As a prelude to Black Friday, the price for the pair of these drones has been dropped to $159.97—an exclusive price not to be found anywhere else on the web. But hurry! This campaign only lasts until November 9th at 11:59pm PST.

Phantom K PRO: Unleash the Phantom in the Sky

The Phantom K PRO is a compact and foldable drone that's as convenient as it is impressive. With its altitude hold mode and 6-axis gyroscope, you can expect stable, precise hovering, and smooth flight control. Its 4K HD camera is ready to capture stunning images, making it ideal for documenting family gatherings, winter landscapes, and holiday lights. The gesture recognition feature adds a touch of magic as you take photos or record videos with a simple wave of your hand. Its 1,800mAh modular battery ensures up to 12 minutes of flight time, and it easily fits in a handbag for outdoor adventures. Plus, its VR 3D experience intensifies your flight and lets you explore the world in a whole new way.

Ninja Dragon Phantom K PRO 4 Way Anti Collision Smart Drone With Optical Flow

Alpha Z Pro: Double the Vision, Double the Fun

The Alpha Z Pro drone offers a unique perspective with its dual cameras. The 4K wide-angle front camera and the 720p bottom camera provide an extensive view of your surroundings. Its altitude hold mode and 6-axis gyroscope ensure stable flight and easy control, perfect for capturing dynamic scenes. Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, real-time FPV, and headless mode, the Alpha Z Pro is your versatile assistant. Whether you're snapping aerial shots of the family gathering or documenting a winter hike, this drone makes it easy. And if you ever lose sight of it, the one-key automatic return feature ensures it finds its way back safely.

So go ahead—capture those magical moments, create breathtaking videos, and explore the world from a whole new perspective. The Ninja Dragon Phantom K PRO and Alpha Z Pro drones are your ticket to holiday adventures you'll cherish forever. Happy flying!

Until 11:59pm PST on November 9th get both drones for only $159.97 (reg. $369.99), no coupon required.

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