Score nearly $40 in savings on this 4K dual-camera drone

Score nearly $40 in savings on this 4K dual-camera drone
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TL;DR: Through March 17, you can get your hands on this 4K Dual-Camera Drone on sale for only $79.97.

Even the most advanced smartphones have limits. If you want to up your photography and videography game--take your cinematography to the skies and capture breathtaking aerial shots with this 4K Dual-Camera Drone.

It's hard to imagine that it wasn't too long ago when drones were exclusive to military operations. In recent years, unmanned aerial vehicles have become simultaneously advanced and beginner-friendly enough to be maneuvered by virtually any hobbyist. If you're looking to take some stunning photos and footage from various unique angles, a drone like this 4K Dual-Camera Drone makes for a great investment. It's on sale for $79.97 until March 17.

Whether you're capturing a self-portrait or immortalizing your view of idyllic countryside, this drone is your key to experiencing a whole new level of photography and videography. With its HD 4K front camera that supports a remote 90-degree control angle and a bottom camera with a 120-degree wide angle, expect this quadcopter to generate only HD-quality content.

It packs a long list of intelligent functions, including optical flow positioning that lets the bottom camera accurately capture any subject by keeping it in a hovering state, along with a precise locking height feature that maintains the stability of the drone to ensure perfect output. Gesture control is also available to let you manage the drone using hand motions, and with three-way obstacle avoidance, it's capable of automatically perceiving the distance of obstacles and dodging them accordingly.

This drone also boasts a 360-degree flipping feature, but you can also activate the fixed-point flight mode for more stability. It reaches heights up to 328 feet, and thanks to the one key start/stop, it won't drift around or lose control. When not in use, the drone folds for convenient storage.

Formerly retailing for $119, you can grab this 4K Dual-Camera Drone on sale for only $79.97 through March 17, no coupon code necessary.

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