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Everyone has a unique ancestry. Yet, very few people know much about their family history. If you're curious about how both have played out over the last 80,000 years, then investing in a DNA kit is a great idea. Plus, it may even be a fun way to pass the time and connect with others online so you feel less isolated in the face of COVID-19. The Full Ancestry DNA Kit delivers an enriching view of your ancestry, and it's on sale for $75.99. That's 23% off the normal price of $99.

The Full Ancestry DNA Kit offers a complete view of your ancestry through an intuitive interactive online platform. Kick things off by following the simple instructions on how to collect your DNA sample and mail it back with the free included return bag. Once fully processed, you then can access your results online from the comfort (and, more importantly, safety) of your home.

This kit provides you with the most precise ancestry breakdown available in the industry. That includes percentage results for 150 regions including sub-regional ancestry breakdowns, detailed reports, maternal and paternal haplogroups (genetic population groups of people who share the same ancestor), and back-in-time reports covering up to 80,000 years ago. With all of this information at your fingertips, you can come to better understand yourself in 2020, as well as experience your ancestry at different points through history and delve into the migration paths of your ancestors.

How to do a Living DNA swab - No barcode

Even cooler, you can use this intuitive interactive online platform to connect with others. By providing your DNA sample to Living DNA, the company behind this kit, you may uncover genetic matches as part of your extended family. And while you may discover extended family through the services provided by Living DNA, you can rest assured that your data is kept safe as well as secure and is never sold.

The Full Ancestry DNA Kit is a great way to learn about your ancestry right from home, as well as to connect with others. Get it today for just $75.99.