Do your part for the planet with access to lower-cost clean energy

Do your part for the planet wi...
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It's never been more important to protect our environment and make choices that are eco-friendly — we make decisions every day, big and small, that have a direct impact on our planet. If you're concerned about the impact fossil fuels are having on the environment, Arcadia Power is here to offer access to lower-cost, clean energy resources by connecting your utility bill to their platform.

What does that mean for you? Well for starters, you wouldn't have to switch utility companies — by signing up, Arcadia Power is your central hub for automated payments to your energy bill, which then helps support clean energy farms. It couldn't be more straightforward — by using Arcadia Power, you are not only helping protect the planet by using clean energy sources, but you might also save money when energy is cheaper in your area. Over time, Arcadia Power will continue to search for and identify clean energy solutions in your area and clue you in so you can take advantage of lower-cost, eco-friendly energy solutions as they become available.

Connect your utility bill today to Arcadia Power today and get a $20 Amazon e-gift card. Mother Earth will thank you!