Learn how to code with this pro-led Arduino bundle, now $3 per course

Learn how to code with this pro-led Arduino bundle, now $3 per course
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If you've ever dreamed of becoming a coder or programmer but don't know where to start, this bundle may be for you. The Ultimate Arduino Coding Power Course Bundle brings you everything you need to unleash your skills in the in-demand industry.

Taught by various top-rated instructors who have years of experience in engineering, teaching, and entrepreneurship, the 13-course bundle brings forth different lessons in an easy-to-digest manner. You'll start with the basics and ease your way into more challenging skills and concepts. Learn how to write Arduino code, use the power of code in simulation, learn to control any home appliance or device using Bluetooth, and the list goes on. You'll dive deep into programs such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ROS1, and ROS2 and get step-by-step instructions along the way on some of the most vital concepts needed to build your own projects from scratch successfully.

With over 600 lessons and nearly 60 hours of content, the learning possibilities are endless for all levels of coding and programming expertise. Whether you want to learn how to build your own radar using UltraSonic, create a voice-controlled robot, or make your own homemade Arduino-based piano, you'll learn the skills you need to do so and get guidance from the pros. And with the content available 24/7, you can come back and review a concept or lecture whenever you want. Plenty of real-world examples, projects and testing/editing exercises are available, helping you learn by doing.

Each course in The Ultimate Arduino Coding Power Course Bundle is regularly priced at $200 individually, but you can learn to code at your own pace for only $39.99 — that's only around $3 per course! Take advantage of this heavily discounted deal and start a new career or finesse your existing coding skills.

Prices subject to change.