Learn a new language for only $199 with this special deal on Babbel

Learn a new language for only $199 with this special deal on Babbel
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What if you could get the #1 top-grossing language-learning app in the world for 60% off the suggested retail price? Now until the end of November, you can join the over 10 million users, and study 14 different languages with Babbel for only $199.

The app was named after the Tower of Babel—that Biblical structure built by the Babylonians but never quite finished because of dissension among the workers causing God to step in and confuse their language so that they could no longer understand one another. That, and it seems that “Babbel” in German means to talk in a friendly way.

Whatever its beginnings, Babbel has become, as PC Mag puts it, an app that “exceeds expectations, delivering high-quality, self-paced courses...” From the popular — Spanish, German, Italian, and French — to some less common — Indonesian and Turkish, plus six other languages, Babbel delivers bite-sized lessons that fit conveniently into your schedule and cover a wide range of useful real-life topics including travel, family, business, food, and more. To ensure you are saying everything just right, it uses speech recognition technology so that you can soon begin to speak with confidence.

Whether you want to learn a new language so that you can start to travel the globe, increase your earning potential, or just love to keep your brain active, this is the app for you. Rated 4.5/5 stars on Google Play Store and 4.6/5 stars on the App Store, Babbel is going to quell all those excuses you’ve been using for not getting started. Better than your old high school Spanish classes, all you need to do is simply set aside a few minutes every day and you may surprise yourself and how quickly you’ll be “babbling” in your new language of choice.

An investment in yourself is one of the best investments you can make, and investing in a new language will provide more benefits than you may perceive possible. Get a lifetime subscription to Babbel today for one of the lowest prices ever.

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