This highly-rated app will help you stay fit while at home

This highly-rated app will help you stay fit while at home
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Have you already fallen off the workout wagon this year? We don't blame you. The truth is staying in line with our goals may not be as complicated as we may think. With a lifetime subscription to BetterMe, you'll get easy to follow workouts and meal plans that will put you back on track to meeting your fitness goals.

Rated 4.5/5 stars on the App Store, this powerful app is designed for fitness levels of all kinds. Whether you're looking to build more muscle, lose weight, or just tone up your body, you'll be provided with personalized exercise routines that help you reach your goals. A set of exercises and a nutrition plan geared towards your specific body type — catered to both men and women — will all be tracked in one place. You'll be able to pick from various kinds of dishes and even have access to videos showing you exactly how to bring recipes to life in your kitchen, making cooking healthy simpler than ever.

With a personal coach feature and a slew of community updates — such as articles, tips, and answers to your questions — the app will make sure you stay on track and feel supported throughout your fitness journey. Plus, your progress will be tracked all in one place, allowing you to see the number of steps you take, what kinds of workouts you've done, and even your water intake, making sure you're meeting your milestones.

While a lifetime subscription to BetterMe Home Workout & Diet is typically sold at $1,200, you can start a healthy lifestyle that reaps results for only $39.99 — that's 96% off! Start seeing all your hard work pay off and get started on a personal plan that brings out your healthiest self.

Prices subject to change.

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