Keep your friends warm and cozy with this 10-by-10 foot Big Blanket

Keep your friends warm and coz...
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It’s decided. You’re hosting movie night next week and your friends are providing the snacks. All you need to do is provide a couch and some comfy blankets. But what’s more fun than splitting several blankets among your friends? You guessed it: one Big Blanket.

We weren’t kidding when we said the Big Blanket is big. It’s a whopping 10-by-10 feet, making it 4 times bigger than average throw blankets. The Big Blanket is super soft and made out of a stretchy, temperature-regulating material, making it perfect for watching movies on the couch or laying on the grass at picnics. Finally, the Big Blanket comes in multiple colors such as navy, crimson, and forest, so you can pick a color that matches your furniture or personality.

Big Blanket

If you need a large blanket to share with your friends or a roof for your pillow fort, nothing’s as satisfying as the Big Blanket. Grab one on sale for $129, or 74% off.

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