Get 15% off this BONDIC Plastic Welding Kit for all your DIY repairs

Get 15% off this BONDIC Plasti...
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Super glue is adequate for arts and crafts or quick fixes, but it doesn’t work the way we want it for heavy-duty jobs requiring precision. In fact, you might end up making matters worse with regular glue. That’s why we recommend owning a plastic welding kit for quick DIY projects, and you can get one for just $15.

The BONDIC Pocket 3D Liquid Plastic Welding Kit excels where regular glue fails. For one, it features a liquid plastic that doesn’t harden until you need it to. All you need to do is apply the liquid plastic on the area that needs sealing or repair, then shine the repair tool’s UV light to allow it to cure. Once the plastic hardens, you can leave it as is, or sand it down to whatever shape you need. With the BONDIC, you’ll be able to seal, attach, and repair anything from toys to jewelry with precision (and without any mess.)

Bondic Liquid Plastic and the Science Behind it

Home DIY projects can be a major pain, especially if the glue you’re using leaves no room for error — but BONDIC ensures that your projects will go as planned every time. BONDIC Plastic welding kits are on sale for $14.99, but you can use offer code BFSAVE15 to get it for $12.74. This offer code also applies to the Pro Kit with an extra liquid plastic tube, lowering the price to $19.12.

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