Breathe easier with this air quality hub for 200 devices, only $99.99

Breathe easier with this air quality hub for 200 devices, only $99.99
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TL;DR: Monitor your air quality in the home or out and about with a BREATHE Air Monitor that can become an air quality analysis hub for up to 200 devices.

You may not be able to identify the funk in the air, but an Air Quality Monitor can. The BREATHE Air Monitor analyzes your local air quality across up to 200 devices, and you can get it on sale for only $99.99 instead of $149.

What does the BREATHE Airmonitor Plus do?

This little air monitor is actually an eight-in-one tool that you can use to analyze the air quality, temperature, humidity, and more in your area. The BREATHE gets its data from each of the device you connect to it, and it supports up to 200 at a time. Once connected, the Air Quality Monitor will check for environmental factors like CO2, TVOC, PM10, and more. It's your own super localized air quality report, no news app needed.

To use the BREATHE Air Monitor, just download the Breathe Tech app (iOS or Android) and start syncing your devices. Now, even if you have a particularly large home, you might not be sporting 200 air purifiers or air conditioners. The high top cap lets you connect all the devices in your own home and monitor the air quality in other places.

BREATHE Airmonitor Plus

For business owners, that means they could use one air quality monitor for their home and business. You can even set up instant alerts to notify you of changing air quality, and the app lets you store up to 30 days of deta for detailed analysis.

Get real-time alerts about your home air quality

Get a gadget that actually helps you breath easy.

Get the BREATHE Airmonitor Plus Smart Air Quality Monitor for $99.99.

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