This wine subscription's technology picks wine you'll actually like

This wine subscription's technology picks wine you'll actually like
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Cozying up with a glass of wine from the comfort of your couch is always a good choice after a long day. Bright Cellars is here to make your winding down journey enjoyable, educational, and convenient – straight from the comfort of your couch.

Created by two MIT grads with a passion for wine, Bright Cellars assists in bringing forth curated wine selections that pair with your preferences. Priding itself in bringing customers a data-driven wine subscription experience, the service introduces handpicked bottles that even friends and family will want to get in on. Their wine is sourced from all over the globe, including bottles typically not sold anywhere else, and best yet, you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy the subscription—the service caters to both wine enthusiasts and newbies alike.

How it works

You'll start by filling out a simple 30-second questionnaire where the Bright Cellars team will get to know your palate preferences. They then provide you with six unique wine bottles catered to your tastes based on their innovative technology. The Bright Points algorithm scores each wine by comparing 18 attributes to your preferences, matching you with a unique monthly experience. Once you start receiving your wine selections, the process becomes even more refined as you start rating the wines you receive, making the personalization better with each delivery. Whether you like a dry, textured red or a fresh, bubbly white, there’s something for everyone's taste buds. Seasonal drinkers also can choose to change the number of reds and whites in their box, depending on the month. Plus, you decide when your wine gets delivered, with the option of skipping or canceling whenever you want.

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of a Bright Cellars wine subscription box is the educational aspect included with each bottle—the talented, dedicated team at Bright Cellars is to thank for that. The team consists of in-house sommeliers that select wines from all over the world. Each detailed card includes information about the wine’s region, tasting notes, serving temperatures, recommended food pairings, and so much more. They can't promise spaced-aged wine, but their selections come pretty close.

Attention to every detail

Another unique feature is the packaging itself. While most wine delivery services pack wine vertically, Bright Cellars ships its wine on its side—allowing the corked wine to be protected from drying out and causing premature oxidation. And, if a particular bottle isn’t exactly to your liking, the team will adjust your taste profile and send an extra bottle in your next box. Their mission, after all, is to democratize wine.

With a dedicated blog on all things wine-related, Bright Cellars shows their passion for wine by making sure to keep you up-to-date with the most recent advances, pairings, tips and tricks, and so much more. The Wine Director even organizes weekly wine classes for all the team members to further the teams’ knowledge, making sure to bring an authentic experience to their customers.

A current (and very happy) Bright Cellars Facebook review reads, “This company is fantastic in so many ways. I am very picky about my wine, and we've had a few shipments so far and haven't received one that I've disliked. Also, their customer service is second to none. A human reads the comments you write to the wine concierge and replies promptly."

Delicious and rare wine finds from around the world straight to your happy hour at home? We're here for it. Get ready to receive decadent options that will leave your taste buds tingling, all straight to your front door.

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