Save $80 off a spacious pop-up tent that's perfect for any road trip

Save $80 off a spacious pop-up tent that's perfect for any road trip
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Summer vacations are underway and millions of us are searching for opportunities to maximize our travel experience. If you prefer to search for fun outdoors or enjoy a good road trip, consider upgrading that approach with the CARSULE Pop-Up Cabin for Your Car.

There is plenty to discover while logging miles across this vast land, and whether you are heading to the coast, mountains, desert, or forest, things can become a bit uncomfortable if you don't have the right equipment for such adventures. Enjoy those excursions in style with this spacious tent that supplies protection from the elements anytime you need, all for the discounted cost of only $299.99 (reg. $379)

Kickstarter-funded and carrying a store rating of 4.5 stars out of five, the CARSULE Pop-Up Cabin covers six and a half feet of height and is equipped with a UV protective coating that combats prolonged sun exposure. Plus, integrated mosquito netting keeps pests away and waterproof flooring ensures you don't spend any days in a puddle.

This product is designed for cars that feature a swing-up tailgate and allows for easy assembly. Once your pop-up tent is set up, you'll feel like you suddenly have a living room far from home. The space is ideal for relaxing, snoozing, dining, or enjoying some quality family game time.

CARSULE - A Pop-Up Cabin for your Car

A sturdy build is prepared to withstand wind and unfavorable conditions while keeping you and your items safe. Ceiling tension ropes and an anchor strap are components of a strong yet simple design that will last for plenty of trips ahead.

Lounge around while bad weather passes or simply expand your functional area for outdoor excursions, no matter where the road takes you. Explore new spaces without sacrificing comfort thanks to this convenient accessory. Pick up the CARSULE Pop-Up Cabin for Your Car for only $299.99 (reg. $379).

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