This acclaimed STEM-learning platform is parent-approved and 66% off

This acclaimed STEM-learning platform is parent-approved and 66% off
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While it may seem that kids are glued to their screens these days, it doesn't mean it can't benefit their future. CodeSpark Academy introduces computer science to kids in the most interactive way possible and at only $9.99 for a three-month subscription.

It's never too early to start. That's precisely the mindset that CodeSpark Academy strives to establish for the newest generations. Their mission is to ignite curiosity and creativity in kids and help them feel excited about computer science and programming by turning the subjects into entertaining play.

The app strives to prepare kids everywhere with the skills they need to succeed, and it's already been a big hit with teachers, parents, and kids. In fact, CodeSpark has already racked up several awards, such as being named one of the best 2020 digital tools by The American Association of School Librarians and winning a Gold Award from the Parents' Choice Foundation. They are also proud participants in various organizations that strive for diversity and critical skill building for kids — as another main goal is to help close the gender gap in STEM.

Catered towards kids ages four to nine, the CodeSpark platform uses puzzles, coding challenges, and other creative methods to teach kids the building blocks of coding. Fundamentals such as loops, sequencing, conditional statements, and more are taught in a digestible, fun way and packaged into colorful games like Crocodile Catch and Pet Pals — making learning seem like just another day of fun.

Coding for Kids - codeSpark Academy with The Foos

The content is constantly updated, and there is room for up to three profiles per account. There are also no distractions from pesky ads or additional fees for game purchases, providing kids with the concentration and freedom they need to explore the app at total capacity.

While three months of access to CodeSpark Academy is typically priced at $29, the platform is currently on sale at 66% off and only $9.99. Introduce your kids to computer science or give the app to a loved one and bring on the learning in 2022.

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